e-waste is hazardous to the environment and health and it needs to be recycled and disposed in appropriate ways. Every year awareness campaign and collection drive is organized in our college time to time. A large quantity of e-waste is collected and then sent off for future recycling and appropriate disposal to municipal corporation, Jabalpur, to avoid E- waste the cartiges are refilled and by back option are favoured. E-waste can be described as electronic equipment that is at the end of its useful life. that can damage human health and the environment.  Regularly holding awareness session among the students about the importance of green campus. Plantation awareness programmes have been organized in our institute regularly. Building is surrounded by green campus. Nature itself has developed a natural water harvesting system. Soil type and topography of the campus supports percolation of water inside the soil in natural course. Design of building is such that takes into account for maximum utilization of natural resource. Electronic and electrical equipments installed in the college which are no more in use are recycled time to time to get rid of extra space occupying. The Proposal for rain water harvesting is submitted to World Bank with IDP. A part of Roof water has been covered for rain water harvesting. NSS/NCC organised cleanliness activities or special day. Swachchta Pakwadha and Swachchata rally are regularly organized.

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