Sweepers clean the whole campus and disposed off the waste. The solid is transferred to dustbin vegetable waste including dried leaves to the garden were it is dumped in huge pit. dispose This consists of the garbage collected by the waste in dustbins and disposed of by the sweepers. Waste in the form of peel of fruits and food packets and wrappers in the campus are used by managing them. Dustbins have been put up in the corridors and classrooms all over in the campus, beside our garden waste, consisting of dry leaves swept and collected in the garden pit which is being converted in vermi compost. In our college efforts of eco-concerns have reduced the use of plastic bags and bottles through the campus awareness programme, Rallies against polythene are carried out by students and has increased the use of eco friendly cloth bags. The Total solid waste collected in the campus is 10 kg/day. Waste generation from tree dropping an lawn management is a major solid waste generated in the campus. The waste is segregated at source by providing separate dustbins for. Bio-degradable and Plastic waste. Single sided used papers reused for writing and printing in all departments. Important and confidential reports/papers are sent for recycling after completion of their preservation period. Very less Plastic waste (01.Kg/day) is generated by some departments, office, garden etc. but it is neither categorized at point source nor sent for recycling.

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